Good Morning my friends:

Welcome to the Trailer of “The Thorsten.com Challenge”.

As a Builder and Thinker, I enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m on the go, from Lex Fridman, Jason Calacanis to the a16z Podcast. I find it interesting to see different mental models compete and learn a lot along the way.

However, the questions asked often stop right at the point where, for me personally, it gets most interesting. When this happens, the interviews resemble the interaction between a prompter and an actor.

I learned - as an Investor - over the last couple of years, that asking the right questions is key to success.

Then it suddenly dawned on me:

Why don’t I produce my own Podcast with interesting guests and better questions?

The idea for a Podcast Challenge was born.

A Challenge for my Guests and a Challenge for me.

In short:

A Podcast to learn and grow together.

A Podcast without ads.

A Podcast that is not for everyone.

A Podcast for very special guests.

And tune in for our first episode soon!